Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Sunday morning as I drove across a bridge north of the village, I caught a glimpse of the river bank reflected in the water. The reflection impacted me. Why did it seem even more special than the actual shoreline? Then I began to reflect on a scene in my spirit that had impressed me earlier that morning. It concerned releasing control.

I'm more comfortable driving than being a passenger, but I am willing to move over and let someone else drive. I give up control of the vehicle and trust another person with my life. We constantly put our trust in other people in many different situations. We put our trust in a variety of objects. For instance we sit in a chair and trust that it will support us. We place confidence in humans and in material things without fear. Why are we hesitant to place complete trust in the One who created and loves us?

In the 40 years since I first chose to trust the Lord with my life, He has been so patient while I slowly learn to loosen my grip and allow Him to take control - of my circumstances, of my time, of my finances, of every aspect of my life. It still tickles me to see the great way He engineers all of it, presenting solutions and arrangements I could never have come up with. Perhaps joy enhances many memories when I look back making the reflection even better than the original event? 

In any case as I mulled over this matter of releasing control, I realized when I refuse to let go I'm surrendering to fear. I'm still not in control, and instead of giving the situation over to the One who wants to give me His best, I'm actually letting the enemy, the one who wants me to be afraid, take over. I've made the decision, but I'm still not truly in control. The ripples disappeared. The smooth surface of the water offered a crystal clear image. God loves me. He wants to look after me and He is oh so able. Best yet, He has no favourites. He's just as eager to do this for everyone. If you have not yet made a choice on this issue, maybe I've given you something to reflect on?


  1. Mary, what an interesting point about reflections in the water--why do we think they're more special? I wonder if the focus is sharper, or if it's because the water frames them somehow. I know it makes them seem more beautiful.

    You are so right that if we cling to control we still don't really have it! Definitely something to think about here. All we do is get in the way of how God wants to make things better.

  2. Enjoyed your posting, Mary! I've been learning slowly in my own journey with Him to let go and let Him!

    I've been pondering that verse about perfect love casting out all fear. When we get a heart understanding of his wildly, fierce (mother bear) love for us individually -- that he's always on our side -- the fear leaves. And that's when I've been able to let go of the controls.

    I look forward to the day when He has it all -- just imagine the peace and rest in that!

  3. Enjoyed your reflection. It's so true!

    (I also enjoyed your little story in the Inscribed book which arrived this week. Nicely done... is there more - to that story, I mean? I felt like I was being set up for a Father Tim romance:)


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