Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ripples and repercussions

" Now run this by me again. You'll be gone for ten days! And who's going to look after me?"
My orange house buddy had plunked himself in the middle of the suitcase I intended to pack. His support group was kind and attentive and he did survive my vacation, but if he could have emailed me, no doubt his message would have been something like, "Life is not up to snuff."

Wouldn't it be grand if things that bring joy on one hand did not cause heartache or difficulty on the other? I enjoyed the days away, but I did miss Mr. Whiskers and I know the absence of his resident door-opener, feeder, chin-rubber was not to his liking.

The needs of pets do not rank up there with all that's involved in national affairs or personal relationships. The cause and effect principle, though, does still occur. One afternoon I watched the water flowing around and past a branch caught along the river bank. It affected the pattern of the ripples on the surface for several meters... and I thought how every thing we do can impact upon any of those with whom we are connected.

I want the ripples from my life to be a help and not a hindrance to others. There's no way that what results will always be welcome. So many things are beyond our control, but I can pray that the Lord will guide me through each day and ultimately use what happens, when I am at that spot along the shore, for the good of His Kingdom.