Friday, October 29, 2010

The Times They Are A-Changin'

These days in Ontario, precipitation and temperatures don't know where they're at. Many leaves have lost their grip on the branches. Some haven't even turned colour. One morning, snow covered the clematis on the arbor, the still green magnolia foliage and the leaves on the copper beech. Since then we've had a variety of crisp, sunny days; days with warm rain; days with cold winds - the whole gamut. The season is a-changin'.

We welcome some changes and cringe at others. Whatever our reaction, to move forward, we have to deal with each new reality. Before the snow comes to stay, I've emptied the rain barrel, stowed it in the barn and attached the longer downspout for that eavestrough. The birdbaths, hose, barbecue, lawn furniture, tomato cages, decorative planters are all packed away, safe from the elements. The laundry dried on lines in the cellar this week and last. Instead of fresh-air fragrance on the clothes, they are lending the pleasant scent of Purex, After the Rain to our old cellar. The house is feeling cozier and I'm capturing some writing time.

The changes in nature can be easier to cope with than new challenges we face in other realms. Joyce Meyers said this week that satan continually tries to diminish followers of Christ. The word "diminish" impressed me. The Oxford Canadian Dictionary gives the definition "make smaller or less". The enemy would delight to see us take our first steps toward a fresh project with apprehension and feelings of inadequacy. He would love for us to think the task is too great.

Anything we haven't tackled before can seem formidable, but if it's something Father God is nudging us to do, He's with us in it and we'll succeed eventually if we don't give up. Each new venture has its yucky stage until we've worked at it long enough to have some degree of expertise. With a positive attitude we can discover things we enjoy during the process.

The next flip of the calendar brings us to the month Mom dubbed Novembrrrrr. In this province, its days can be cold and gloomy. When the snow makes its "official" arrival, somehow the cold is less intense and the days are brighter. If there have to be some rather dark times during this transition - and in times of change I'm dealing with in other spheres - I still look forward to brighter seasons ahead.

Saturday morning - BONUS !!!
A special friend gave me an orchid cactus. It kills me to not give it a drink when I'm watering the other house plants, but it is only to be watered once a month, that we have fewer hours of daylight, this wee survivor is in a dark corner of the basement until spring! It may even welcome a time of rest while I feel cruel leaving it away from the light. In any case, without the dark period, the cactus cannot bloom.
Revelation! Dark times are necessary to develop what is to be produced in nature and what is to be accomplished through our lives. We have reason to take courage and embrace change.