Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Purr-able

Mr. Whiskers and I share more than the same initials. We both tend to spend time peering over thresholds deciding whether we will dare to venture forth.

My boy's modus operandi:
First he looks and sniffs and listens with just his head peeking around the edge of the open door. If no danger threatens,half of his body crosses the sill. On a sub-zero morning, I am tempted to lift him the rest of the way and shut out the surge of freezing air, but I love my buddy. I understand his fear. He's being cautious. When only his flicking tail prevents me from closing the door, our domestic harmony is fragile. He may sense greater tension behind than in front. Whatever is transpiring between his orange ears, off he goes to investigate the new day.

Had he scooted outside in reckless abandon from the day his world expanded beyond the confines of our home, I might not have realized that I too often stand and peek around the edge of the doors that are opened for me. In an "aha moment", I realized Mr. Whiskers and I are alike. Father God has been so patient. He gives me time to examine each opportunity. In a variety of ways, without pushing, He encourages me to begin the thing He wants me to do. I may wait a minute or two for Mr. Whiskers. Father God has waited for years!

Is there some area of your life in which you are keeping Him waiting? He has great plans for you.

Wish I'd been the first to come up with the term "purr-able". It's purr-fect.


  1. Mary, this is timely. Often a door stands ajar with great possibilities waiting. How often to I stand there in fear? Today, I'm walking through the door! Thanks for the gentle shove!
    Michele D.

  2. Amen! God is patient and gives us every opportunity to conform to His will. Which by the way is always the best way :-)

    And might I say: "I love the saying "modus operandi". I'm always telling my grandkids that they can't fool me, I know their "m.o." :-)

    Take care and have a great weekend


  3. Just lovely, Mary! (Just watch that God doesn't slam your tail in the door. - Naw, He'd never do that)


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