Monday, October 17, 2011

Backward Blessings

We're betwixt and between various countries' special days of Thanksgiving in the northern hemisphere. Even if April is your peak month of harvest it's okay to mull over a bunch of your blessings in October.

Sometimes we h
ave to come at them backwards to see the good side, like the other morning when I opened the back door for Mr. Whiskers to go out. The pond pump was doing a weird clacking - because the pond was close to empty. So... a herd of water buffalo had stopped by? There was a crack in the plastic form? The ground wasn't trampled and I couldn't see any gaping openings. I refilled the pond and went about my business. Less than three hours later the water level was nearly as low as it had been at 7:00. I unplugged the pump. The lawn around the pond wasn't soaked but the water was gone.

It is such a blessing to have the Holy Spirit, the most precious Helper, always with us. I grumbled and prayed and let it be for a bit. Shortly the thought came, "It's the hose."

"Thank you, Father God!" That made perfect sense! Short of visiting water buffalo, only the trusty little pump could get rid of that much water so quickly. It must have disappeared beneath the waterfall rocks. I was meeting a friend for lunch at noon in the town where I'd purchased the pump; didn't even have to make a special trip; bought new hose
and had time the next day to replace the cracked one. As things go in this life, there were further complications. When I shifted rocks to change hoses a foundation stone shifted and eventually slipped into the pond on Thanksgiving weekend. A couple of strong guys next door hefted it back into place and the plants I trampled rebuilding the little rock wall will have forgotten all about their trauma by the time spring arrives.

A second backward blessing happened on our Thanksgiving weekend. I picked a meagre two pounds of grapes from our vines. They had ripened beautifully and were sweet, but two pounds of grapes only turned into four small jars of jam. The flip side of my disappointment came when I was popping the skins off those little suckers and was oh so glad to see the bottom of the basket. I'd forgotten how much time that tedious task demands.

It would be misconstruing Habakkuk's intent to slip in verse18 of the third chapter of his book here - when he said that he would rejoice even if there were no grapes on the vines. Anyway, as is often the case, once the wee harvest was bottled and capped, I would have gladly started all over again to have more to give away. And all it took was a heart-felt word of appreciation from one recipient to make it more than worth the effort. We have been given an amazing ability to encourage with just a simple "thank-you".

We can bless our Father God with a heap of thanksgiving all year round. I love David's words in Psalm 139, verse 5 - "You hem me in - behind and before." (NIV) His goodness surrounds us, coming and going, backwards and forwards.

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  1. Mary, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.
    What a heartwarming read . . . Just loved it!
    Every blessing to you, and a harvest of blessing to all your Beechcroft Tales readers.


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