Friday, July 8, 2011

Time to Chill

The orange boy on the railing is mine. He is the intense one, wired to flee if necessary from Roxy, below, who is petite, in charge, surveying all that's going on.

After a bit of a marathon of commitments in June, my goal for July is to get unwired (Maybe Mr. Whiskers will ease up too.), disconnect from the hustle, even let a few things that are pressing just fizz out. Most of them are not life-and-death essential.

On my way home from the closing session of the excellent Write! Canada conference, I stopped at my niece's home to deliver her daughter's birthday gift. The party was over but we visited, talking about how Ali might use her gift. Two days later I found Ali's card with the cheque on my desk! Yuck! Whose card had I given her? They stopped around and we exchanged cards and chuckles while she still had time to get to the bank before her school trip to Quebec. I blamed the mix up on post-conference brain freeze.

The pace didn't slacken a whole lot between great visits with friends from the Maritimes and cousins from Alberta. Strawberries ripened and I was gung-ho not to miss picking while they were at their prime. I roared out to the pick-your-own farm. A lady was sitting in a small sedan beside a white van parked at the top of the lane. I thought, "What is this lady waiting for?" and drove around her anxious to get to the field, fill my baskets and get home. Past the barn with the fields in view, I realized there was not one person in the rows and no cars lined up beside the patch. The white van was there to lead customers to the area they would open for picking and the lady was patiently waiting. She was first in line. I circled the barn and pulled up behind her, second in line. She was very gracious and we had fun getting acquainted until 5:00 p.m. when the owner led the parade to the field.

That dear woman must have gone home completely befuddled. At one point while we chatted just before she left, we were sorting out something that was happening and I said, "Well, Sunday was the 26th. Monday was the 27th. So this is the 28th - right?" She paused and said, "Yes" in a slow, thoughtful way. Help me, Father! It was Monday evening, June 27'th! Mr. Whiskers had me up around 5:00 a.m. By the time I'd done a bunch of chores and gone back to bed later for an hour, the second rising felt like another day that was a packed-full doozy with strawberries to hull at the tail-end.

This month I choose to chill - with books purchased at the conference and back issues of "FellowScript", InScribe's newsletter, which, for me, is as valuable as "Writer's Digest". "FellowScript" is a first class publication typical of the organization behind it, InScribe Christian Writers' Fellowship. I love the heart connection with members who continually encourage one another and share their expertise. Anyone who is interested in discovering more about InScribe can click on InScribe Summer Blog Tour. If you leave a comment at the site you become eligible for some great prizes. You just might win something that you will enjoy reading in a shady spot as you let this busy world zip on by for one lovely summer afternoon.