Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring on the Fast Track

Our Mom, who lived to celebrate her 100'th birthday, used to say, "We'll be glad when April's here." She was anything but a complainer. Our home is heated with water radiators. On her way into the living room on a cold night Mom would pat the one in the hall and comment that she was so glad we had warm radiators. When the furnace broke down and there was no heat as she checked the rad on her way by, she didn't miss a beat. "I'm so glad we have warm blankets on our beds," was all she said. But she still looked forward to April and warmer days coming.

This year Mom might have been just as pleased with March. Everything was early. Papa goldfinch took his cue from the forsythia and began getting rid of his winter coat much too soon for this corner of the globe. Both were a vibrant yellow before the end of March. The robins had returned from the south. Cardinals and chickadees sang their spring songs, and bluebirds started gathering dry grass for the nesting box.

A few warmer days had coaxed sap up the trunks of the maple trees even in February. Night temperatures in March varied between the freezing ones needed with ones above freezing, and some days were too mild for the quality of sap needed for good syrup. In the southeast corner of the province farmers seeded fields earlier than ever before, not without the concern that a cold snap could cause big trouble.

But we have God's promise, "As long as the earth endures, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease." (Genesis 8:22 NIV) Even with such strange goings-on here in the weather department, Mom's response would most likely be, "It'll be fine. We'll take what comes." That about covers it.