Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Which Door?

     Many unique doors are tucked away waiting to be discovered in our village. They say something about the character of the owner or the function of the building to which they give access. A stranger passing may imagine the folks living there to be traditional and conservative or fun-loving and offbeat just by the appearance of the door to their home.
Concerning spiritual matters, popular opinion may say all the doors are good; choose whichever one appeals. And each person is free to make that choice. But the One who declared Himself both Son of Man and Son of God did not hesitate to claim to be the only door (John 10:9), and what an amazing door He is. If we could see with our natural eyes what lies beyond each of those doors, there would be no contest.
 All the promises in John, chapter 14, are beyond that Door, available to anyone who chooses to open and enter. For many the ultimate one must be His promise to come and show Himself to the person who ventures in. (verses 21 and 23) Which of those other doors can be opened to reveal a living, loving Redeemer? What a privilege to have had this Door pointed out to me; to have been welcomed inside to see and know for myself that what He says is true; and to be able to share directions with anyone who is interested.


  1. So true, Mary... if we could see what's on the other side of the doors what a difference that would make. I'm with you in choosing Christ as my Door.

    Love the visual of the grouped doors and the solitary one! (And thanks for stopping to let us photograph that wall of doors.)

  2. Lovely pictures Mary, and yes indeed! Praise God that He gave us the choice to choose the door that leads to eternal life.

  3. A neat analogy of the doors, Mary. Any choice lay behind a door, like that group of doors in a row. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Beautiful photos, used to express a powerful truth.

    (It's also fun to speculate on the personality of a person who would make a wall of doors: A fix-it person who can't bear to let a good door go to waste? A door collector? A prankster who wants to keep you guessing? Someone who gets bored with using the same door every day? Someone who wants to be known as a multi-door thinker?)

  5. God's truth stated clearly and effectively. Well-done, Mary!


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