Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nutty Notions

One unusually mild sunny morning I spotted a squirrel stretched out on the crossbar of the clothesline post. His obvious enjoyment soaking up the rays tickled me. Careful not to startle him, I came around the corner from the far side of the house into the back yard, camera ready to catch the moment. Before I was close enough to click my little "point and shoot" he sprang up ready to flee.

This bushy-tailed rodent could not know that I intended no harm to him; that my only wish was to share his pleasure. Maybe his mom taught him before he first ventured from the nest never to trust a human.

When I switch the lens around in my direction, all excuses vanish. We cannot begin to imagine how many times Father God longs to come close to us. Often failing to understand seems to be what we do best. He has done everything possible to show us His incredible love. Yet people believe the enemy's lies and draw back from His approach.

To think our God was willing to come to this earth as a man to reveal to us that His whole desire is to extend His love and mercy and grace to humankind...Nothing in me is remotely willing to become a squirrel so they will trust and return my affection for them. I ask with David, "What is man that You are mindful of Him?" (Psalm 8:4 NKJ) It's one more thing beyond our understanding, but He has deemed us worthy.

I take a look at the dark hole Mr. Nutkin retreats to, his safe place. Then I consider the amazing promises available to everyone who chooses a loving relationship with Father God. Our ability to choose is the key. God could overrule this freedom, but He presented it to us and He won't go back on His Word. I don't want to miss any together-time we can share, running away from what I would choose above all else if I could understand what it is I'm being offered - "unbroken fellowship with Him in Christ Jesus". (Romans 6:11 AMP)