Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Fruitful Vine

     Every two or three days I've looked at our ancient grape vine. Between the weather and birds, and perhaps other creatures, most years very few grapes remain on the vines long enough to ripen for jam. Nutrients travel through the vine to the fruit, but lots of other factors play a role in determining whether there will be fully developed grapes to harvest.

     More and more I'm realizing I no longer fit in the category of the young vines. For many years my roots have been nourished with excellent teaching, the support of good fellowship, time for personal study and prayer. I was planted in good soil and received great care from the time I accepted Christ as Lord. To produce healthy life-giving fruit is my sincere desire.

     In spite of all I have going for me, many times when I check on the harvest it is sparse. I am so thankful that Father God continues to be an incredibly patient vinedresser. The children of Israel spent forty years getting into the land they were promised. For forty-two years I've been traveling and I am grateful for the growth I've experienced, but every so often when a spurt does occur, I just shake my head realizing: How many times have I read that verse? How many times have I heard that truth explained? and finally, I get it!

     I've learned at last that if I claim a promise and do not see the evidence of the answer in the natural realm, the answer is fulfilled in the spiritual realm first. It is a spiritual reality and will manifest in the physical realm as I continue in faith without wavering. This simple lesson is huge for me. I trust, as I apply it and other truths I come to understand, people who come along to check this vine will find tasty fruit to harvest. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Gift of Sight

     In my reading the other morning I came to       I Kings 22:19 where Micaiah said, "I saw the Lord sitting on His throne, and all the host of heaven standing by, on His right hand and on His left." (New Spirit-Filled Life Bible) It was one of those special moments when your spirit melts as the Word of God touches your heart. I don't envy the terrible assignment Micaiah had, to prophecy doom to a king who already hated him, but to see the Lord on His throne...God can give an ordinary human the ability to see Him in His majestic splendor and glory. Someday...

     Still filled with the wonder of anticipating seeing what Micaiah saw, I glanced out the window. What a treat for these natural eyes! The male cardinal landed on the rim of the birdbath, a brief patch of crimson, before he flew off as a robin was already splashing in the bath. A pair of distinguished yellow-shafted flickers pecked for ants in the lawn. Another robin perched on the piece of driftwood I'd set on the stones that surround the pond, and stayed when a blue jay landed about four feet away on another stone. I didn't disturb them to get a picture. They don't hold still for photo ops, but I can share the places where I saw them.

     Perhaps they are more willing than usual to share territory because of their need to build up strength for either the cold months ahead or their exodus south. Whatever the reason, the bonanza of birds on that morning of soft, warm air was a pure gift. Until I am permitted to feast on the spiritual visions I crave, I am oh so thankful for the ability to see the wonders all around me which the One on the throne created.