Tuesday, April 1, 2014


     The ice is being taken our of the arena and we've hung up our skates for the season. Sap icicles catch the sunlight on maple trees. I picked the first wee snowdrop although I had to push snow away from the flower to grasp its stem. Hungry robins are scrounging for tiny crabapples produced last year on the ornamental trees. We still have snow, but it is melting. The time for planting in the fields can't be too far off.

     On March 19th I started some heritage tomatoes in pots. When you think about it, planting a seed is quite an act of faith. We poke the seed into the soil, make sure it gets light and moisture... and wait.

     It didn't require faith when I rooted slips of coleus in water in glass jars on the window sill. I could watch their roots grow until each had a healthy mass to plant. Seeds tucked under the earth are another matter. They got the best of my brother when he was little. Our neighbour let him help plant potatoes. A day or two later Paul dug some up to see how they were doing.

     I haven't been guilty of that with natural seed. Can't say I've never dug up the seed planted in my spirit to check on it though. Jesus said, "The seed is the word of God." (Luke 8:11 NKJV) The word doesn't change, but the soil it's planted in may or may not be suitable to produce a harvest.

     To have a heart prepared to receive the word so it will take root, grow and produce the outcome I'm seeking, Proverbs 4:23 tells me to keep my heart with all diligence. Help me, Father, to pull out the weeds of unbelief and keep the soil soft and open to the working of Your Holy Spirit. I choose to trust that excellent fruit will be produced by the incorruptible seed without me being shown how You're bringing it about.


  1. I love the analogy. It made me think of Psalm1.

    ...And he will be like a tree firmly planed by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither.....


  2. Praying this week, Mary, for God to root out even the tiniest weeds of bitter roots... Thanks for reinforcing God's message to me, and thanks for this reminder of faith and seeds.


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