Tuesday, July 15, 2014


     Any new thing we attempt takes some doing. If it's a trip, there's packing and the zillion things that have to be taken care of that we won't be home to do, like someone to tend to plants and animals. (Mr. Whiskers still needs food and a doorman.) We plan travel arrangements and accommodations en route and at the destination. A "lazy bones" could choose to just stay home. God provides unique opportunities. Effort is required to take advantage of them.

     For ones who walk with Christ, the way is prepared. He already knows what is ahead and has provided for things unforeseen by us. On a recent jaunt I was held up at the Canadian-U.S. border for an hour and a half and missed my plane changing a 4:30 p.m. arrival to 9:30. The domino effect meant a two hour drive in a rental car on unfamiliar roads and a 3:00 a.m. arrival - 1:00 a.m. local time - not great for my kind host.

     An awesome lady won a last-minute dash to the seat beside me on the final lap of the adventure. Jane was familiar with the airport at our destination. She shepherded me onto the train to the baggage pickup. She knew where to locate luggage sent on earlier flights and pointed me to the spot to meet the shuttle for the rental car.

     Thank you, Father God, for placing this dear one alongside to help me. Thank you that we are never alone on this exciting faith journey. As surely as you guided the children of Israel in the way they had not passed before (Joshua 3:4), you lead us through each new day. We cannot know what it may hold,but we can choose to hold tight to the One who does.


  1. Thanks for this reminder, Mary. We can get so off-balance from the unexpected "hiccups" in our plans that we miss the ways God already has to meet our needs. I'm glad He sent you a travelling helper and helped you reach your destination. Love your last line about not knowing what the day will hold, but choosing to hold tight to the One who does!

    1. We are blessed to always have the Best with us ;-)


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