Monday, September 15, 2014


     Mention of a highlander when I was a child was sure to have a Scottish connection. The term has a whole new meaning living here in Colorado. I am a lowlander in transition. Most often I do the short trek from the lodge up to Aspen cottage on the road rather than the path with steps. Either way I'm huffing and puffing when I reach the deck, but it is easier than it was two weeks ago. A genuine hike in any direction is not without hills which at this altitude pose a considerable challenge. Until my body gets more in line with that of a genuine highlander, I'm content to do my stretches with light weights and exercise indoors on the mini trampoline.

     Besides physical stretching, new faces, new schedules, new assignments and new surroundings present oodles of circumstances requiring fresh coping skills. A new study-buddy from Durban, South Africa shared some of the adjustments her family is experiencing. They are significant, but Melanie is okay. I'm okay. Our loving Father makes all the difference.

     He goes before us. He goes with us. He prepares us. He provides what we need. To focus on our inadequacies is as pointless as the protests of Moses when God told him to return to Egypt. (Exodus 4:10) His lack of speaking skills meant nothing compared to his complete understanding of Egyptian ways. When the daughters of the priest of Midian told their father about meeting Moses they described him as an Egyptian. (Exodus 2:19) Moses was perfectly equipped for the task.
     And so are we. Growth does involve stretching, but the outcome is positive. With the rains of recent days have come rainbows. For mankind that arc is a symbol of God's promise that a flood will never again destroy all flesh. (Genesis 9:15) For me it also represents assurance that God is with me should clouds darken some periods of change. By His grace I shall complete what He's led me to begin in these highlands.

Photo courtesy of Joyce Henry


  1. How exciting, Mary! Soon you'll be acclimated to climb mountains (of more than just the physical variety). Blessings on your studies!

    1. Thank you, Violet! I like the sound of "soon" for becoming acclimatized. I receive that word, my friend.


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