Saturday, November 1, 2014


     With all the modern gizmos for sending messages, our concept of "mail" has done headstands, cartwheels and flips in all directions. Back "in the day" we would write a letter, wait a week for it to be delivered, a week for the recipient to get around to answering and another week for their response to arrive.

     I remember sitting on a bench outside the post office in Huntly, Scotland in August of 1969, thrilled to have a letter from home. Instant messaging can't compete with the satisfaction and joy I felt holding those pages. Still, news from ones we love is treasured by whatever means it comes.
     And especially good news, almost too good to be true news, from Someone who loves each of us has been posted in every possible way known to man. We can learn all that is on our Father's heart, how much He loves us, what He has planned for us while we're apart, what He's preparing for the family reunion and all that He's attended to for whatever we need until then. Applications enabling us to download His words are available on every sort of device we own.

     Those who enjoy the snail mail edition can turn the pages and ponder the printed words He sent through the prophets and the apostles. Even folks who aren't into traditional reading have the option of just checking out the lives of others around them who have discovered Father's love and spent time with Him. Paul describes believers as letters "written not with pen and ink, but with the Spirit of the living God." (2 Corinthians 3:3 New Living Translation) No one is excluded. We all have mail... and the news is good!




  1. Amazing, isn't it, how that old letter can still bring us something fresh every day! Hope your day is full of His good news.

  2. Yes! He can't help but supply the loving word we need for every circumstance, and some day we won't need mail any more :)


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