Monday, December 1, 2014


     Over the American Thanksgiving holiday we had nine days off school. I was tempted to fly home. I checked flights from Denver to Buffalo for November 22nd with no way of knowing Buffalo would be digging its way out of several feet of snow and there would be no air traffic in or out of the city that day. Thank You, Father, for making me content to stay put.

     A loose wire or two had kept my little gas stove from igniting for a few weeks. Two days before the start of the Thanksgiving break a repairman solved the problem and the bunkie was lovely and warm throughout the vacation.

     Father God cares about everything. Nothing is too great or too small for Him to tend to. Had I gone to Ontario I would have missed an amazing morning of worship, teaching and ministry at Charis Family Church. God orders the steps of His children. It's not that one place is better than another. It's what's best for each one of us at a particular time.

    Just as natural parents plan for their family, Father arranges for our greatest benefit. He does this for every one and He showers all of His love on each one. A mother's love is not divided among her children. Her capacity to love grows with each addition to the family. Wee Faith knows she is completely safe and cared for in her arms. We too can know we are in the safest place when we're snuggled in Father's embrace.

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