Monday, December 15, 2014


     In the first half of December the sun shining midday on the steel roof has warmed the bunkie. By late afternoon the heat of the little gas stove is welcome. Cold nights have kept the surface of ponds frozen.

     That covering of ice completely changes what affects a pond. Whatever the wind blows onto it just skitters across its hard surface. Nothing can sink into its depths.

     I need specific promises in God's Word to be fulfilled in my life. These truths won't make changes within me unless they get deeper than my thinker and become a reality in my heart. A surface acceptance of the teachings of Jesus and the apostles won't do it.  

     We are blessed with the freedom to meditate on all that is offered to each one of us. The warmth of God's love can melt the hardness of doubt and unbelief allowing the living Word to accomplish the very thing we need.

    In nature the seasons bring changes over time. The results I'm seeking may not be fully accomplished until the Son has more opportunity to deal with any resistance of wrong thinking, but I welcome the work of His Holy Spirit within me. I look forward to an open flow of victory to share with others.

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  1. Trusting His warmth will thaw what needs thawing and let those promises root deep!


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