Thursday, January 1, 2015


     After four months in Colorado I'm still amazed at the huge rocks plunked here and there, and puzzled trying to figure where they came from. Too large to get pushed up to the surface by frost; some not near the base of a cliff they could have fallen from.

     Nothing budges them. They rule. If you want to build something, build around them. They are not about to relocate. If a seedling finds enough soil to sprout in a crevice, the tree it produces also has to find its own way to contend with that boulder.

     I love the way Abraham believed that what God had promised would come to pass regardless of the circumstances he could see; circumstances that said it was impossible. His faith could not be shaken. Romans 4:21 states that he was fully persuaded that God would do what He said.

     On this first day of 2015, let's determine to know in our knowers that God is good; God is love and He loves every individual unconditionally and uniquely. Every promise that He has given us is rightfully and definitely ours. With rock solid faith we can face the new year certain that as we trust in Him we cannot be moved.    

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  1. Amen, Mary! Belief is a choice, so let's choose wisely.


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