Sunday, February 1, 2015


     Mr. Whiskers was born Oct. 29, 2003. From the get-go he wanted to be an outdoor cat and he got his way in December 2004. By December of any year in Ontario, there usually is snow on the ground. I always made sure the path around the garage was shoveled to his safe door. Like a prince his needs have been cared for from the time he was a wee kitten.

     In July my life changed completely. Business concerns involved in a major move you just deal with, but what do you do with a cat if you happen to love him? I took him with me in the car from the time he was tiny, but he never did enjoy traveling. In any case, pets are not allowed where I live now. The result - I'm paying living expenses in two countries.

         A dog might have objected to being abandoned by a life-long companion. My ginger puss waits on a green mat outside his present caregiver's bedroom door looking forward to each new day. He knows Jayne will see to his wants for the next sixteen hours. No worries.  

     God was pleased as He completed each aspect of creation. He cares about land and sea, plants and animals, but it was man He created in His image to love and have fellowship with. Many of us have as little comprehension of His love for us as Mr. Whiskers has of mine for him. 

     While life is going well we may live from day to day oblivious that this One who is greater in every way than we can begin to understand desires a close loving relationship with each and every one of us. Lift our gaze above the mundane, Holy Spirit, that we may realize and receive the love Father offers. Far beyond Mr. Whiskers agenda of keeping every thing ticking in line with his wants for the next several hours, our need to love and be loved can be satisfied for eternity beyond anything we can imagine. 

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