Sunday, March 15, 2015


     Now and then a day of snow; cold temperatures at dawn and dusk, relative warmth midday... that pretty much describes the way of winter in the mountains of Colorado this winter. Sunshine and blue skies outnumbered grey ones many times over. Except for those brief patches of snow and bitter cold the season has been kind to both man and animal.

     With hunting banned in this area, the deer graze without fear in the woods and wide expanses of pasture land. Father God provides for the wildlife. At the lodge the horses and pets are sure to have plenty of food. Some folks may not be diligent looking after the creatures in their care, but our Lord never neglects His children. He has said that even if a mother could forget her baby, He will never forget us. (Isaiah 49:15)

     At my usual snail's pace as I begin to learn something of God's love, I'm discovering that He takes joy in supplying way more than we need. In Isaiah 55:2 He says, "let your soul delight itself in abundance,) (NKJV) 

     If there is more than enough food for the mule deer and the horses, for us there is an extravagant supply of forgiveness for every sin, healing for every affliction, deliverance from every power of darkness, grace to cope with every difficulty, strength and wisdom to overcome every challenge - and through it all, His joy is available regardless of what we face.

     Help us, Father, to rise above any mentality of lack, and to live in the fullness of Your abundant provision.


Sunday, March 1, 2015


     Each day driving to and from school I catch a glimpse of two structures that are so different. They might be a quarter of a mile apart. I finally made time to stop and take a picture of each of them. The first was set up to show the materials and technique used by a company that builds log homes. The second is an old barn.
     Someone had a specific goal when he built that barn. Now it is in disrepair. The roof is caving in. It is not being used for anything. I feel sad when I see a building that represents a person's hope and effort, but has come to ruin. That man did not just envision it. He bought property and materials, developed a plan and completed it. It probably served its purpose well for a time, but it didn't last.

     Life is short. We want to zero in on what matters most and do it well with the long term in view. If the base on which we're living is firm and strong and the best materials are placed accurately on that foundation we will stand.

     In his letter to the Ephesians Paul called believers "members of the household of God, having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone." (Ephesians 2:19b, 20 NKJV)

     The apostles and prophets recorded the truths revealed to them by the Holy Spirit. As we meditate on their words, the Holy Spirit gives us revelation of those same truths so that we know that we know what is ours in Christ. That understanding equips us to live in the victory the Lord Jesus died to provide. We've been given a sure foundation on which to build. I'm grateful for that foundation and I desire to build wisely upon it.