Monday, June 15, 2015


     Some of us like things to work according to schedule. I have a touch of that. When I invite friends for dinner and tell them the time we will eat, I prepare what I can ahead and plan the rest of the cooking so things will be ready to serve when I promised. Even with minor glitches I can usually be reasonably close. If my guests don't allow for hiccups in their doings and come late, some things may be a tad over-cooked; some may be mush.

     In the account of Elijah and the widow of Zarephath, (1 Kings 17:9) God tells Elijah where to find the lady who will prepare food for him during the famine. When he arrives at the gate of the city there she is gathering sticks for a fire. God arranged the invitation, and the guest and hostess were both right on schedule.

     A dinner isn't crucial, but in our lives, plans and timing do matter. God cares about every detail. From the positioning and movement of each element of our universe to the number of petals in a particular type of flower we see design and purpose. And it is man that Father God cares most about in all of His creation.

     For each of us, He has an awesome plan. We have no problem in messing up the "whens" and "wheres". What a blessing that He is patient and, in His love, will wait so He can be gracious to us. (Isaiah 30:18) Our lives can be all that He wants them to be. If we are willing to take a close look at the invitation and follow its directions we will be guests at the most amazing banquet ever planned. (Revelation 19:9)

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