Wednesday, July 15, 2015


     The sound of rippling water drew me to the edge of a culvert built under our hiking trail. The tiny stream flows down the slope to the river in the valley. From the river to the Great Lakes to the oceans it carries life all along its route.

     In this country, for the most part, we take water for granted. We would be shocked if it did not run when we turn the tap. It's easy to expect water on demand when we are so tuned into this natural world.

     The life-giving water of the spiritual realm is equally available to us. It takes resisting the distractions of the world to tap into this life source and quench our thirst. In the Gospel of John 7:37-39, we're told that rivers of living water will flow from the Holy Spirit within those who believe in Christ.

     Like the natural water cycle, through the Holy Spirit, there is a continual cycle of God's mercy and love to anyone needing refreshment. As Christ's followers allow the Spirit of God to flow through them they can share the living water Jesus spoke of in John 4:10 with others. 

     So many who long for a cool refreshing drink haven't heard that it is available and free for the taking.Seasons of drought or floods may come in our natural world, but in the Kingdom of God there is always a steady, gentle flow to bring life to the thirsty. 

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