Saturday, August 15, 2015


     Are you noticing fruit and vegetable stands opening for business around the countryside? Gardeners and farmers in this area are beginning to see the results of months of diligent care as local produce and field crops come into their prime. They cultivated the ground, planted seed,and rooted weeds out from between the rows waiiting for the results of their labour.

     Many years ago our neighbour let my brother help plant potatoes. They prepared a trench and set the pieces in the soil. Harold talked to Paul about the eyes needing to be looking up and that each piece should be about 12 inches from the next. He explained that the sprout would grow up through the brown earth and become a plant that needed room to get big.

     Paul was in Harold's garden the next morning digging up those pieces to see if what he'd been told was happening. He believed what Harold told him and he wanted to see the change. He had to realize that, hidden below the surface, the seed would grow. All he could do was wait until it developed enough to appear above the ground. That takes patience.

     James taught believers that we have to be patient like farmers waiting for their crops. (James 5:7) Our seed is the Word of God. It has life in it. Proverbs 4:22 speaks of God's words being life to those who find them. We track down a passage that relates to our need, read it and meditate on the meaning. That's the seedt-i-m-e... and time is necessary.

     Most often we don't see an immediate answer, The words are like that hunk of potato in the ground. We think about the promise and begin to understand its meaning with our minds. The Holy Spirit helps our understanding grow until we know the truth of it in our hearts. Even after receiving the assurance of faith, time may pass before we see the answer.

     Father, give us patience to let the seed of Your word grow in our hearts.If we rest in Your truth and let our faith grow, we can be as sure of seeing that need met as the farmer is of reaping his harvest.


Saturday, August 1, 2015


     Each spring I love to plant a garden patch under the beech tree with rosy impatiens. Once they are established it's easy to just let them be. Not a wise plan. Seems like anything good in this world has something contending against it before long. When I checked on the impatiens every bit of what had been bare earth between the plants was filled with healthy green weeds.

     Unless we resist whatever unwanted stuff comes along it generally seems well able to take over. We need to know what we are fighting against and what resources we have to combat it. From the moment mankind relinquished our God-given authority to Satan he has brought negative forces against us in every area of our lives. 

     Centuries ago the prophet, Hosea, told God's people they were destroyed because they lacked knowledge. (Hosea 4:6) and we're in the same fix today. We struggle in our own strength against physical, emotional and spiritual circumstances not knowing the remedy has already been supplied. 

     The Lord Jesus took every sin and every sickness on Himself. With Christ as personal Saviour and Lord we are empowered with His strength to overcome the attacks of the enemy. If we recognize that the case Satan presents is a lie, we can stand in faith, secure in the truth of God's Word and confident of the best solution.

     There is a large rock covered with moss on our hiking trail. To me it demonstrates that even with all the strength of God's Kingdom available to us, if we remain passive, the negative things of this world will settle on us.

     Colossians 1:13 declares that we are delivered from the power of darkness. I am able to pull the weeds that grow up around the impatiens, but I have to use my ability and pull them out. Believers in Christ are equipped to defeat evil power if we will act in faith. In God's strength we can continue to move forward and live in the land Christ purchased for us.