Sunday, May 15, 2016


     Last Saturday we enjoyed a special gathering for Samuel who will return to Uganda in June. His "Farm Uganda" project will enable families to transition from producing enough to live to producing a surplus to sell. Samuel has completed a 3rd year track at Charis Bible College in Colorado. Many of my classmates will return to do a third year next September. Others are moving on after our graduation on May 21st.

     Wherever we are next autumn, each of us has a God-given purpose. It boggles my mind to realize that, with all the billions of people living on this planet, Father God has a specific work for me, and every one of His children, to do in this coming year! As our hearts and minds are open to Him, we can know His good and acceptable and perfect will. (Romans 12:2) And there is joy in the centre of His will.

     I see Samuel's farm land as his place of promise. Like the mountain Caleb (one of the twelve Joshua sent to spy out the promised land) knew was his, we have a spiritual territory to claim. Caleb did not mess around. He said, "Give me this mountain." (Joshua 14:12 KJV) Age is not a factor. He was eighty-five. He overcame everything that withstood him and occupied that land.

    Our Father will open the doors of opportunity to step into the task He's prepared for  each one. It will be a perfect fit, a place of satisfaction and blessing. He's invested time and training and equipped us with a precious deposit of His love and truth to share. Whatever challenges we face, the inheritance He's promised is ours. In that place of trust we can be a help to others on their spiritual quest as we fulfill our part of His great plan,

     The Lord Jesus came to give us His John 10:10 abundant life. I don't pretend to have gotten my head around an understanding of eternity, but I know that life always involves growth. It will be exciting to hear what our classmates are doing, come September, knowing that, with our Saviour, we will be moving on for ever.  


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