Wednesday, June 1, 2016


     A scruffy little shrub growing by the roadside caught my eye. Somehow it had taken root and grown tall enough to be noticed. Covered with tiny white blooms it stood alone in what had been a fence row. I enjoyed its beauty, and it got me thinking about the importance of "one".

     One break in the thread in the hem of a garment can cause the hem to fall. One weak link in a chain, one bolt missing from a machine, one part of our physical bodies unable to fulfill its function... Each component of everything that exists has a purpose and is important.

     Jesus said Father God sees when a sparrow falls to the ground. (Matthew 10:29) He cares about the birds. (Matthew 6:26) He cares about the flowers. (Matthew 6:28,29) But each individual person... you and me... He knows the number of hairs on our heads! (Matthew 10:30)

     God created man because He wanted man. He wanted fellowship with the intelligent creature He created. One man, Adam, broke that relationship. One man, the Son of God, the Lord Jesus, made it possible for it to be restored.

     That God refused to give up on any one of us, on you, on me; that He would sacrifice His Son rather than lose man; that Jesus would give His life so we could know and enjoy God... Apart from God, humans have no concept of such love.

     In measure, the love of parent for child is similar, but no match for the love of God. Even if a mother could forget her child, Father God has promised that He will never forget one of us. (Isaiah 49:15)

     I look at a single Iris, a gorgeous flower in a weedy patch, and I consider the value of "one". Each person living is of such infinite worth to Father God that He sent the Lord Jesus to die on the cross. He loves. He cares. He wants a close special relationship with you, with me. If that is not reality, guess which ONE is not engaging.


  1. How do you stay so inspired, Mary? You see a lesson in everything. And your pictures are just beautiful, like your soul. Your friend, Lawana

  2. Thank you, Lawana. You blessed me a bunch, but it is totally the precious Holy Spirit giving me thoughts and guiding me to find verses and photos that fit.


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