Monday, August 1, 2016


     My house buddy, yes, that large ginger cat, is completely at peace with himself. He demonstrated this again a couple of weeks ago. Some hours after my last post on this blog on July 15th, he disappeared. He went out after supper and that was it. I didn't see him again.

     Neighbours had borrowed the ladder from the brown barn. He can dart through any open door without being seen. When he had not come to the back door by bedtime I checked the brown barn and every place I could think of where's he's been imprisoned in the past.

     It was a beautiful moonlit night, like others on which he has decided to skip the "time to come in" call. I checked to see if he'd come to the door at 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 and 7:00, each time expecting to find him with his indignant,"Well, where have you been?" No Mr. Whiskers.

     I walked the four sides of our block and was thankful there was no sign of an unfortunate end to his existence. At 10:00 a.m. he appeared at the door, warm and fed, pranced through to check his dish which still contained food from Friday evening; turned up his nose and left again. He padded down the walk past the barn and took a left.

    Sure enough, a visit to his friends on the next street provided the answer. When Nancy opened their garage door around 10:00 Saturday morning there he was - since about 6:00 the evening before when the garage was shut. Nancy was sure he would bolt for home. No. He gave her what-for until she fed him; then checked in at home just long enough to be sure things were as they should be.

     Not a golden hair of co-dependence exists within my cat. His joy and security has nothing to do with what anyone thinks about him. He stands on his hind legs and drums with his front paws on the door he wants opened. I comply because I love him.

     How about you and me? In John 10:9 we read, "knock and it will be opened to you." (NKJV) The Lord Jesus is the door (John 10:9 NKJV) When we come to Him we are welcomed into His family because Father God loves us. And we can be as confident as Mr. Whiskers that we belong and everything we need will be provided.



  1. I love the parallel of Whiskers thumping on your door and us "thumping" on God's door and having the door opened out of love. That makes it so clear.

    Thank you, Mary!

  2. An important lesson for us all to learn & live by! Thank you Mr.Whiskers! Thank you Mary W.! Thank You Jesus!!
    Mary Dennis


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