Saturday, October 15, 2016


     Opportunities to hike and explore seem endless here. Daring, energetic folks can tackle mountains. Others who are content with less of a challenge will find trails leading up and down the hills in this corner of Colorado. We can get ourselves into tricky spots when we venture off the worn paths.

     David knew all about life in the mountains and hill country during the years he lived hiding from King Saul. Determined to kill David, Saul came after him with an army of 3000. 

     With his life in jeopardy, David dared to go to the place where Saul lay sleeping, surrounded by his army. Not willing to raise his hand against the king, he commanded the man with him to take Saul's spear and cruse of water. They left without harming the king.

     Back on the summit of the mountain, David revealed himself to Saul. The spear and cruse of water proved that he had been right by the king. In Shame, Saul withdrew with his forces, but it was God who had spared David. He could have been captured if the Lord had not caused everyone in the camp to be in a deep sleep. (I Samuel 26:12)

     David hadn't devised a brilliant battle plan. It may have been an idea that just came to him when he asked for a volunteer to go with him into Saul's camp that night. (I Samuel 26:6) We pray when challenges come, but in the midst of the battle Father God asks us to trust Him to lead us. (Psalm 37:5) 

     It pleases Him when we live fully in the present leaving our concerns with Him. (I Peter 5:7) Like the bridge that's been built across a fast-flowing stream, we can trust our God to bring the right solution at the right time to meet our need.

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  1. Those moments when we can be fully in the present, trusting our Good Shepherd with all our cares, are the best moments! I find it way too easy to slip away from that peace :(


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