Thursday, December 15, 2016


     This week I finally managed to get some parcels on their way back to the company that mailed them. The person responsible for the shipping label hadn't received the corrected address and Genevieve, our mail lady, lugged three heavy boxes down to the lodge at Christ Haven.
     Mix ups can happen at the source, but more often it's in the middle. Someone may receive a letter that went astray and was delivered years later. All sorts of misunderstandings can arise if we assume a message was received and the response we expect doesn't come. Email or snail mail, we depend on the method of delivery working.

     With the ease and speed of electronic communication, some folks have all but abandoned old-fashioned mail. I still love sending and receiving cards at Christmas and other special occasions. I treasure the bundle of Dad's letters my Mother saved, letters he sent from British Columbia to Ontario before they were married.

     Even more, I am thankful for the letters shared and preserved through the centuries from the apostles, Paul, Peter, John and other men of God. These tell of God's love to us. It's so important that the one delivering the message gets it right. If that person does not grasp the meaning intended the recipient is given a false impression. Rather than enjoying each day knowing we are loved unconditionally, we may spend our lives religiously striving to please Father God who is already totally delighted with everyone who trusts in the the Lord Jesus as Saviour.

     The Apostle John knew for sure that Father God is love and that He loves everyone. (I John 4:16) John wrote a clear message. Satan does what he can to mess with that truth. All over the world postal services do their best to deliver what they are trusted with accurately. Today each one of us who knows God and His love can do everything possible to share His Word accurately - no mix ups in our delivery.


Thursday, December 1, 2016


     We see some amazing cloud formations in the region of Pike's Peak. Maybe it's just me, but I've seen clouds that seem different than those in southern Ontario, Canada. As a child, not understanding that they are just vapour with no substance, I imagined them to be like thick cotton that I could jump in.

     In literature clouds are often used in a negative sense, darkening, blotting out, covering over something. This view fits with Satan's tactics against us. He continually casts darkness over the goodness of God. He wants mankind to believe God has caused or allowed our troubles. Father God would no more do so than a loving earthly father would. A dad's God-given instinct is to love and protect and provide.

     If financial, physical or relational problems come, the enemy paints a dark picture. He says it will only get worse. Scripture says the opposite. God has made a way for His children to prosper, be well and overcome. The Lord Jesus has defeated Satan and made an open show of His triumph over the enemy. (Colossians 2:15)

     Satan has no power, but he does all he can to keep us from realizing this. His deceptions have no more real substance than the clouds. Even when he lied through Potiphar's wife and caused cruel hardship for Joseph, God turned the outcome into a great blessing for the children of Israel. (Genesis 50:20) He is able and willing to do the same for everyone of us.

     If we have chosen to serve the Lord Jesus we are delivered from all the power of darkness. (Colossians 1:13) When clouds blot out the light, the sun is still there, and Father God can cause even those clouds to be beautiful.