Thursday, September 15, 2016


     We may think of an adventure as an exciting experience. It can involve danger or risk. For me it includes the element of the unknown. A thing that is "old hat" does not qualify. These first days studying Media in third year at Charis Bible College fit a good hunk of any definition.

     From an outside stance it might look a bit risky. I grew up decades before this techie generation. Making the leap from my trusty Asus laptop to MacBook Pro could prove a gigantic stretch. I am so thankful that I'm not limited to the natural way of things. Factors like experience and age lose their clout when I draw on the wisdom and strength of the One who has my life in His hands.

      The ability to invent the amazing tools of technology could only come from the ultimate Creator, the same One who designed the path for each of our lives. He knows where I am and what I'm tackling. I love that He's always with me and I don't have to take one step alone.

     All the while my mind is trying get around the intricacies of modern media, my spirit is continuing on its amazing journey. Just as technology opens up new realms of information, my knowledge and understanding of Father God grows when I learn to tune into His voice and recognize His leading.

     Each new day presents the next episode of the adventure. The Lord Jesus came to bring us abundant life. (John 10:10) We can be sure the unique path Father has designed for each one is not a boring, hum-drum one. Sometimes the footing may be tricky, but we can be sure He will hold us steady as we trust in Him.

Thursday, September 1, 2016


     For years I have not seen Mr. Whiskers on a counter top or table, but his friends caught him in the act. They have proof. My boy helped himself to the food on their kitchen counter that was measured out for their two house buddies. He does not wait for an invitation. In his cat world it's simple. He sees something he wants and he takes it.

     Cats scoff things they have no right to. God's children do not take things to which they have every right. In Christ's teaching of the prodigal son, the elder brother complained that he worked faithfully and was never given anything. Duh... Everything his father owned was his. (Luke 15:29-31)

     Peter says God has given followers of the Lord Jesus everything we need for life. (2 Peter 1:3) Father God longs for us to be parTAKERS of all He has provided. When we receive Jesus as Lord, the One who is love lives within us. We can know we are loved. The One who died for our sins is on the inside. We can know we are forgiven. The One who was whipped for our healing dwells in us. We can know health is ours. And the list continues...

     Joshua asked God's people when they would get around to taking what was theirs.(Joshua 18:3) Caleb had no problem. He demanded that Joshua give him the mountain he'd been promised.(Joshua 14:12) He claimed it and he took it.

     Because he's mine Mr. Whiskers does have rights and privileges in our home. These don't begin to compare with those of God's children. Mr. W. is not a good example. We need to be like Caleb. We can learn what is ours, declare ownership and receive the promises. Father God loves to see His own step into their inheritance.