Tuesday, November 15, 2016


     Each day as I walk the mile along our road to the paved highway I pass a special bit of history. Lots of years ago members of the Ute tribe of native people bent and bound the trunk of a pine sapling with rawhide causing the tree to grow in almost an "s" shape . The bottom curve parallel to the ground pointed to their destination. Others coming down the hill later knew which direction their leaders had traveled.

     Signs are important. We need guidance in unfamiliar territory. When the children of Israel were entering the land God promised them, the priests led the way carrying the ark. The people were to keep their eyes on the ark and follow it. They had never been that way before. (Joshua 3:4)

     The ark contained the two stone tablets with the commandments of God governing the lives of His people. Under the new covenant following Jesus' death, burial and resurrection, followers of the Lord Jesus are not under the law. (Galatians 5:18) Believers are led by the Holy Spirit, God with us and in us. (Romans 8:14)

     The Lord led the children of Israel assuring them that they would hear a word saying, "This is the way; walk in it, when you turn to the right hand and when you turn to the left." (Isaiah 30:21 Amp.) If we keep our eyes on Jesus we will stay on the right path. He taught the people that He is the way. (John 14:6) We come to know the character of God as we look to Christ.

     Each new day brings us to another portion of the route. We can't know what we will encounter until we've walked it. The One who does know what lies ahead will make the journey with anyone who asks Him. Equipped with the Scriptures and prayer, we will hear a word or see a sign post every time we need it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


     I'm nicely into my third year as an international student at Charis Bible College. I think there are 55 of us on the Colorado campus from 19 different countries. When we gather for a luncheon some are able to share traditional foods from their homelands, but everyone can share a story - how they came to know and love the Lord Jesus; what He has done in their lives; how doors opened for them to come to the United States to study...

     The fact that we are international means that we are between two countries. We have the privilege of living in America as students while we still have the rights of citizens in our native lands. To achieve our purpose at Charis we have to focus on our classes without ignoring the responsibilities and relationships left behind. We need to maintain a balance between the two.

     Every follower of the Lord Jesus shares this dual way of living in the school of life. Each one has a role to fulfill wherever they've been placed on this earth. We're learning lots and what we need while we are here is provided, but it isn't home. Our full rights are in God's Kingdom and home is where Father is.

     When difficulties pile up it's so good to be able to call on Him. He's always there. We can tell Him exactly how it is and know He understands completely. He loves us and He has the right answer. He supports us as we tackle each challenge and when we complete our course on earth we will celebrate at home with Him.

     It's a blessing to have a place at the tables with all the international students at Charis, a tiny foretaste of the feast we will enjoy with believers from every nation at home with Father God after graduation.