Sunday, January 1, 2017


     Are there a multitude of things you need to check on continually? The list is different for each of us. Family, groceries, household supplies, bills and accounts...we avoid problems by paying attention. The slow leak of an essential fluid in a car could cause major trouble so we schedule regular service. We keep watch in many different areas of our lives.

     As the new year begins we remember how the Lord helped us through past months and look forward to the days ahead. Some join with others in a Watchnight Service on December 31st. Others meditate alone praying for guidance in the future.

     Like some vital substance that a car is losing, faith can seep from believers. What we see and hear can strengthen or weaken our faith. It is worth fighting for. (I Timothy 6:12)   The rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem illustrates this struggle. The enemy mocked and hindered the workers. Nehemiah encouraged the people of Judah. Each man held a weapon in one hand and worked with the other. They prayed and set a watch against their enemies day and night. (Nehemiah 4:9)

     In subtle ways Satan strives to undermine our faith in God. We are bombarded by information that is contrary to simple faith. The words people speak, things we read, hear or see in public media often do not build faith in God and His word, We need to be aware and make wise choices.

     Father, give us discernment and wisdom as we enter into 2017. We need to know what is of You and we need to be strong to stand for truth in the days ahead. 


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