Saturday, April 1, 2017


     Just now in this corner of Colorado we are experiencing another spring snow and blow. At this time of year a weather system pays a visit, snow falls, the sun reappears and the ground dries again. Those born and raised here are not surprised.

     A few days ago a friend was thrilled to discover this wee clump of flowers where he was hiking. By afternoon snow may be covering them up... probably not a welcome surprise for the tiny survivor.

     At times life for us may feel as though we have sprouted in a hard place. Tough circumstances can surround us like the rocks around those alpine blooms. Their roots have to go deep to draw moisture and nutrients.

     Our roots need to be established and deep as well. The psalmist said the upright won't fear bad news. Their hearts are fixed and confident in their Father even when unexpected trials crop up. (Psalm 112:7)

     And the One in whom we trust will never tease. We know there will be no practical jokes on April 1st or any other day. In His love He shares true joy. He cannot lie. He delights that we trust in His goodness. We can cast anything that troubles us on Him and know that He will take care of it. (I Peter 5:7)

     When a spring storm takes us by surprise after flowers have begun to bloom, we deal with it and it passes. The enemy may confront God's children with difficulties we can't anticipate. With faith settled in the truth of God's Word, we take whatever Satan tries to shed on us to our Father and the challenge will not shake us. Our God keeps our hearts and minds untroubled and at peace in spite of unwelcome surprises.



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