Wednesday, March 15, 2017


     What comes to mind when you hear the word "communion"? For many it's the Christian sacrament of taking bread and wine in remembrance of the death of Jesus. We forget about the exchanging of thoughts and feelings, the essence of communing.

     The members of the Media class I'm enrolled in at Charis Bible College have a common interest in learning how to use the technology available to let people know how precious they are to Father God. We're in class every day, but kibitzing over a meal out of school is completely different than the hours we spend together focusing on what is being taught. As we begin to develop friendships and understanding of one another, we are able to work together more effectively.

     Traditionally the focus in celebrating "the Lord's supper" is that Jesus' death secured forgiveness for sin. I was excited to learn that the Hebrew, "chanukah" translated "stripe" and "wound" also means "fellowship". (Isaiah 53:5) The Greek "koinonia" translated "communion" in I Corinthians 10:16, again referring to the sacrament, also means "fellowship" and "close association".

     When believers celebrate the Lord's supper we remember what Christ accomplished for us, total deliverance for our entire being - our well-being in every sense. Our communion is with God and with one another. Even concerning the heart of the Christian faith, it is relationship that matters most to Father God, relationship with Him and with one another.

     We are a family. Parents are delighted when their children love and enjoy one another. Divisions among relatives make everything difficult. In a natural family and in the family of God, when we come together in unity, appreciating each other's company, it's a pleasure and we can accomplish what is important to the members. Let's treasure time together, communion, in every sense of the word.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


     The vision of my friend, Linda, a second year student at Charis Bible College, is improving steadily. Born prematurely, too much oxygen in the incubator robbed her of sight. Until the age of twelve she was not well enough to attend school. By age fifteen, with the help of a tutor, she had achieved grade level and has continued to succeed academically. An inspiration to everyone around her, Linda begins each new day expecting victory.

     The Apostle Paul described faith as substance and evidence of whatever we hope for. (Hebrews 11:1) Our faith is the key that opens the way to experiencing the reality of our quest. The Word of God is alive and powerful. Combined with the faith of the Son of God it cannot fail to produce excellent fruit. Whether the current battle concerns a relationship, a financial or physical or any other need, in Christ we will triumph. (2 Corinthians 2:14)

     Desire and hope come first. Paul encouraged the Philippians to ignore the negative and focus on the positive, on truth. (Philippians 4:8) The Word of God is true. If man voices an opinion that does not line up with His truth, one is not accurate. I choose God.

     Believers can abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. To abound is over-the-top expecting results. The prayer in Romans 15:13 calls for each one to be filled with joy and peace as we anticipate victory.  As long as there is breath in our bodies, we need hope.

     Anything that tries to come against us has zero ability to succeed.(Isaiah 54:17) The icicles that bar my window will melt in the Colorado sunshine. The attacks of Satan are equally futile. Father God tells us the battle is His. With God fighting for His children we can rest in the strong hope that is ours.